Endless possibilities

Dunamis forwarding empowers your company with the logistic dynamics to stay one step ahead of your competitors.
Our knowledge and experience in the logistic field and the shipping field is the dynamo behind your logistic processes.

Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
— William Jennings Bryan, US orator

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What do we stand for?

Dunamis forwarding & consulting is a company where ideas are being cultivated, relationships being developed and people being empowered with the necessary tools and training

We are an extension of your business

We are an extension of your business

We are experts

We are experts

We cater to your needs

We cater to your needs

About us


The Company

Dunamis forwarding & consulting is a company where ideas are being cultivated, relationships being developed and people being empowered with the necessary tools and training. Our skilled and highly motivated staffs are mainly specialized in the handling and shipping of foodstuffs or foodstuffs related products. We are highly interested in getting to know your products, to enable us guarantee a good, safe and speedy delivery to all global destinations

Our Team

Our highly skilled and motivated staff mainly specialise in handling and shipping of perishables and complementary products

Dirk Ophalfens

Dirk Ophalfens

Gilles Posson

Gilles Posson

Chief Operations Officer
Milenco Jacobs

Milenco Jacobs

Officer Operations

Our Services

Organize pre-carriage

We’re able to take care of your pre-carriage from the loading place to our local port.

LCL loadings

We ‘ll take care of all your LCL shipments.

A free analysis and further development on the most interesting trade lanes

Making the right choices when shipping goods is extremely crucial, that’s why our company supplies stakeholders with a thorough analysis and further explanation free of charge

Free pre-advice

Because we want our stakenholders to be well informed about major shipping options, we provide useful advice free of charge


Taking care of customs formalities

We’ll be glad to assist you when it comes to custom documents, for any of your shipments you’ve booked with us.

Keep contact with local authorities

We’ll keep in touch with all authorities and terminals in the local port in Antwerp.

Take care of seaworthy packaging, professional brands & Securing

We’ll provide your product with seaworthy packaging, professional labelling and make sure it’s secured in the best methods.

Foods shipping with containers of the highest standards

If your product is food or anything food related, we’ll make sure it ships with a high standard container


Exclusive Features

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shipping of liquid products

We offer the possibility of fitting in of Flexi tanks for your liquid cargo like vegetable oils, juices, wines etc.…. when transported in bulk.

Storage & distribution offered with our partners

We’ll provide storage and distribution of your product together with our partners

Air freight orders

If your product needs to be at the customer soon, we can advise you our best prices for air freight



We came in contact with Mercy ships in 1998 when their 20th anniversary was celebrated on board of the hospital ship Anastasia and we did partner as volunteers with them.
These days the African Mercy sails to the main ports of West Africa providing relief and brining hope to does that are sick and needy and have no future without this wonderful work.

Etin Osa Foundation - Benin-City - Nigeria

Etin Osa Foundation operates in the field of on hand training of widows and orphans with the aim to get them engaged into the economic system. Micro credits belong to the possibility for those coming up with an interest in setting up a local business.
Our long term goal with the foundation is to set up a total self-supported eco village providing housing, schooling, hospital and attached eco agricultural project empowering young people to become the nation’s leaders of tomorrow.

10% of the company’s profit goes to the Dunamis Charity Fund.
We support welfare organizations like Mercy ships & Etin Osa Foundation - Benin-City - Nigeria.

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